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How do I allow respondents to "opt in" to a survey with a filter question?
Last Updated a year ago

There are two ways to do this.

If you just want the respondent to "check a box" to allow them to continue with the survey - please use the "Data policy" item under "Settings"

If you want the respondent to be able to answer "Yes" or "No" to a question which then determines what occurs - please do the following:

1. Set up the first question to be your filter question. This can be of type "Yes/No" or "Radio list" with Yes and No as answer options for example.

2. Once you have set up the remainder of your questions, go to the second question in your survey, then click on the "Set Conditions" button

3. In the conditions editor, make choose the first question as the "Previous" question then the "Predefined answer" of "Yes" then select "Add condition".

4. Click on the "Copy conditions" button at the top and copy that condition to all future questions.

This will make all questions in the survey dependent on the respondent clicking "Yes" to the first question. If they click "No" or don't respond to that question, no other questions will appear.

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