People, Place and Climate-relevant Behaviours Survey

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This online survey is part of a University of Melbourne PhD research study titled "The influence of ‘place’ on climate-relevant behaviours: Assessing two neighbourhood networks in Victoria, Australia". The survey involves your response to a set of short statements with multiple choice responses and a social network exercise. This survey has three main sections as follows:

  • Section-A asks about your behaviours and views pertaining to climate change.
  • Section-B asks your thoughts on your relations to your place of residence and the environment.
  • Section-C asks your thoughts about yourself and those that are close to you.

There are no right or wrong answers, we are interested in what you think. Participation in this research is voluntary. Upon completion of all sections of this survey, you can agree to be part of a draw to win one of the ten movie double passes! 

The University of Melbourne Human Research Ethics Committee (Ethics Approval Number: 1647626.2) has approved this project. All data that you provide will remain confidential, subject to legal limitations. The Plain Language Statement outlines the study intent and describes what your participation involves and any privacy concerns you may have. By proceeding with this survey, you consent to participate in this study. Kindly register below to receive a personalised link to this online survey by email.

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